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We try our best to answer your questions that come in. If there is something that we missed or that is not mentioned on this page please feel free to contact us!


What is Fast N' Rowdy?

Fast N’ Rowdy is a local biking company dedicated to teaching cyclists on how to repair and maintain their bicycles.


Why should I take this course?

Taking our Bicycle Maintenance Class will teach you valuable skills that can save you money on expensive bike repair costs over the years. By learning how to perform basic repairs and maintenance tasks on your bike, such as tuning your brakes, fixing bike flats, and repairing your rear derailleur, you'll be able to keep your bike in good condition and extend its lifespan. This means you won't need to pay for costly repairs at bike shops as frequently, or even replace your bike altogether as often. Ultimately, the knowledge and skills you'll gain from this course can help you become a more self-sufficient and cost-effective cyclist.


What's my return on value?

On average a cyclist will take their bike to be serviced at least 4 times a year. The average cost per service is around $100. So throughout the course of your life you can spend $30,000 on maintenance costs alone. We teach the skill you need to save thousands so you “Never Pay A Bike Shop Again.”


Do you have any guarantees?

Yes, we provide you with the Fix-It-For-Good Guarantee! We guarantee that you will be proficient at the topics covered by the end of the course. If you’re not satisfied, then we are not satisfied. Let our expert mechanics help you achieve your bike repair skills.


Who is this for?

We recommend that this course is for every cyclist! Who never wants to pay a bike shop again! Our minimum age requirement is 12+ years old.


What types of bikes do we cover?

If you can pedal it we can teach it. Mountain bikes, Road bikes, E-Bikes, etc. (Excluding bicycles integrated with motorcycle components.)


Do I need any prior knowledge or experience to attend the class?

No, the class is designed for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced riders.


Is the class hands-on?

Yes, the class provides hands-on experience for attendees to practice what they have learned.


Who teaches the class?

The class is led by our expert mechanic Tyler Bishop!


What should I bring to the class?

Participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes so that they can work on them during the class. It's also a good idea to wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. (Bike grease stains!)


Will I need to bring any tools?

No, all necessary tools and materials will be provided. 


Will I be able to ask questions during the class?

Absolutely! The instructor will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Have more questions?

If you don't see your question on this page. please contact us!

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