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Meet the Team

We are Fast N' Rowdy. A local Utah company dedicated to elevating the experience of all cyclists.



Tyler Bishop

"Bikes are a massive part of my life. I've been working in the cycling industry for nearly a decade and have a passion for the science behind cycling and bike mechanics. I believe there's nothing better than having fun on two wheels!"



Hunter Rasmussen

"As a Freshman at Lehi High, I was the very first person to join the mountain bike team, and one of the first racers in the Utah League when NICA came to Utah in 2012. Since then, I have been a coach, recruited athletes, and made mountain biking my career." 


The Owners

Fast N' Rowdy Co.

Hunter and Tyler have raced together since their days at Lehi High School. Their dedication and passion for mountain biking eventually led them to create Fast N' Rowdy. Together, they hope to empower other cyclists with the tools and skills necessary to thrive in the sport. 


Tyler Bishop

'"I've been called "Bike Wizard" more times than I can count." -Tyler Bishop


Hunter rasmussen

"Speed is your friend. Until it isn't."

- Jake Weber, Hunter's first coach


Our mission

Let's be honest, bike shops are overrated. You pay too much and wait too long--and we believe there's a better way. We will provide you with the tools, training, and expertise needed to become your own independent bike mechanic and elevate your riding experience.

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